Not just any old camp food

Five-star menus

Our hospitality staff create menus based on the simple philosophy of serving food we’d like our own kids to eat. We often hear genuine feedback of ‘best camp food ever’ by visiting staff and students.

"Where possible, we source fresh ingredients locally from butchers, bakers, and greengrocers, with all our menus lovingly prepared onsite by our talented hospitality team. We have great menus and follow ESG principles throughout our hospitality offering."

- Kym Smith • Head of Hospitality

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We offer a range of varied, nutritious, and crowd-pleasing food to keep your group fuelled throughout your stay. We’re also equipped to cater to any allergies or special dietary requirements on request. 

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Food Miles Program

As part of our commitment to sustainability, the KFAC hospitality team delivers a brief Food Miles tutorial to every group we feed. And we walk the talk! Food Miles awareness reduces the environmental impact of sourcing food, favouring local produce and ensuring you enjoy the freshest ingredients.

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