"From the moment we toured KFA we fell in love with the professionalism and hunger to give students and staff a camp experience like no other.  KFA has shown incredible diligence in making the camp like no other, creating a purpose to all activities and linking these back to mindfulness and wellbeing. There desire to differ from other camps in providing educational programs was second to none.  We cannot wait for our return. Thank you for making such a difference on our students outlooks."

- Liam, Year 8 Student Manager

"Over a number of years, Ashwood High School has forged a strong partnership with Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp. Year on year, our staff are thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the running of this camp. 

The staff here at [Kinglake] Forest Adventures are highly passionate and professional, and the organisation of the camp makes it a breeze to collaborate, plan and deliver high-quality programs. The facilities are beautiful, the food is excellent, and our students and staff comment on the high quality of experience this camp affords. 

Beyond these clear aforementioned selling points, the main point of difference of Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp are the strong educational links this camp provides our students. The quality of the curricula, life skills and value-focus closely aligns with Ashwood High School values of creating well-rounded students, with a focus on both academic and social outcomes. The activities taught at Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp for our Year 7 cohort are a springboard for reflection and extension when we return back to school."

- Meg Brydon, AP

"My daughter (let's say Joan), who is new to MGG, walked into my room Monday morning visibly upset with the thought of leaving for camp the next day. . . .

I waited as the busses arrived back to gauge Joan's emotions and wow I was blown away. She not only made new friendships but she absolutely loved the camp. Happily telling me about all the parts. The theme survivor was a huge success. The leaders there sounded fabulous - even told me she got teary leaving on the Friday.

This was not expected as Joan doesn't even have sleep overs with her best of friends. So I just wanted to personally thank you and your team, . . . she is now excited for the next outdoor education experience."

- Joans Mum

". . . The camp leaders go above and beyond, they are inclusive, they get involved and spend time getting to know the students in their group, while building special bonds with them. The leaders never pushed the students to do anything they didn’t want to and instead they supported and encouraged everyone. . . .

. . . Everyone’s absolute highlight was the Wildergaining adventure activity, we used maps to navigate and complete challenges around the camp. It was so much fun! At the very end of our camping adventure, the leaders made \us feel extra special as on our journey home, they drove their truck down the road with all the leaders to stop ahead and say goodbye to us all. It was a great experience and we loved our time at Kinglake Forest Adventure Camp. "

- Melissa and Olivia, On the behalf of Greythorn Primary Sixth Grade students

Thanks so much for such an amazing camp last week for both our staff and students. [We would like to] book in for the same time next year . . . We would want to keep a very similar program. . . We loved it so much that we would like to keep it in for next year.

- Ro Rimmer, Year 9/10 Year Level Co-ordinator | Faculty Leader Christian Education