Join Our Crew!

Harnessing the power of the outdoors to transform minds, grow resilience and nurture well-being.

We live and breathe the cutting edge of Experiential Education. From meditating ​on mountain tops to scaling rocky walls, there’s an inner and outer journey that takes place within KFAC and JDP experiences. Whether you’re a part of the Facilitator, Hospitality or Office Team, you can expect a tight-knit community of like minds who share a passion for personal growth, positive psychology, and team cohesiveness.

If we sound like your kind of community and workplace, have a look at the current open job opportunities below! 

What we expect from our crew, and they expect from us:
  • Create an environment for individuals and organisations to flourish
  • Creating new pathways for camp and adventure activities
  • Young people working with young people
  • Hiring young people into highly accountable roles with back-up/support of experienced managers
  • Fostering a mentorship environment across all levels

What's great being part of our crew?
  • Gelling with an amazing crew that feels like home. 
  • Being in and around nature all the time.
  • Working with a team who love what they do. 
  • Going on adventures every day. 
  • Only 60min from Melbourne CBD.

What We Offer:
  • Above award rates. 
  • Overnight rates when on-call. 
  • All meals and accommodation, on us, at work. 
  • Fun staff functions throughout the year
  • Mentoring, Training and professional Development tailored for your goals